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Grey Limbo

Courtney Haywood Agency

I'm Courtney Haywood a Public Relations Specialist and the CEO of Courtney Haywood Agency. As a Public Relations (PR) Specialist, I come with over 9 years experience in Strategic Relations curating working relationships with SONY Music Group, Viacom Networks, Blavity, Essence, Miss Jessie's, and many other members in the industry of Communications. 

I developed my love for communications while I interned at Universal Music Group, and my love later transitioned into my passion as I became the Lecturer of Strategic Communications at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. Through my position at Lincoln University, as I was training young Public Relations (PR) students, the Courtney Haywood Agency was birthed in 2018.

Courtney Haywood Agency (CHA) focus is to provide all aspects of Strategic Communications to our clients. Our goal is to provide our clients with PR Execution and Strategy with a strong focus on developing and executing strategically targeted  campaigns to brand clients as leaders throughout their individualized industries. 

Our staff are fresh, creative, energetic, experienced, and  bi-coastal to support all the needs of our clients. Courtney Haywood Agency (CHA) continues to provide our clients with deiligent practices of Media Relations, Strategic Relations, Public Relations, Digitial and Social Media Marketing, and Branding. 

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